Fast, Friendly and Reliable IT and Computer Support

We Provide Onsite and Remote Support for Home and Office, and a Comprehensive Range of Services.

We believe in customer driven solutions that fit both your budget and your needs.


Repairs, Upgrades, Service and Sales

We supply both new and refurbished corporate laptops to our clients whilst our Technical Department attends to all upgrades, repairs and services of laptops.


Repairs, Upgrades, Service and Sales

We supply both new and refurbished corporate desktops and our Technical Department handles all services, upgrades and repairs to any desktop


Server Rentals, Device Rentals

We offer a comprehensive rental service for laptops, desktops and servers to corporate clients. This service agreement includes a built in support and maintenance service ensuring minimum downtime and increased productivity.


Repairs, Upgrades, Service, Sales, Cloud Services, Server Maintenance

We offer both on-site and/or Cloud Server solutions, depending on the requirements of our clients. Servers are repaired, upgraded or serviced by our highly qualified Server Technician, whilst the ongoing Server Maintenance is handled by our Server Engineer.


End Point Security, Computer / Laptop Security, Network Security, Firewalls, Data Protection

We use only self-tested and approved security software and systems to ensure that our clients’ hardware, software, networks and data remains protected. Our networks are monitored and our data protection is top of the range.  Included is ongoing training on how to remain secure as a user when using the internet.


On-Site Backups, Cloud Backups, Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions are tailor made for every client depending on the requirements and needs that are most conducive to a highly productive work environment keeping in mind security and access in a work-from-home environment.  We offer both on premises and Cloud backup solutions.


Need a solution at your home or office? Everything from wifi extensions to corporate networks, network security and access control.

Web Development

Websites, Web-based Systems, Custom Development

We pride ourselves in our alternative working and billing methods when developing systems and web sites for our clients.  Our structure ensures that our clients do not have to have a huge capital outlay to obtain a top of the range website (including e- commerce sites) or system, specifically designed to their requirements.

Remote Support

On-Demand, Service Level Agreements

To ensure high productivity and minimal down time, we make use of remote support when possible when a client is experiencing an issue. This saves on traveling time and depending on the issue, ensures that our clients can get back to work within a few minutes.  Service Level Agreements are offered to clients who prefer a set monthly bill that covers all support and maintenance to hardware and supported software with no cap.


Data Recovery

Our specialist data recovery department uses state of the art software and equipment to recover data from any device. There is no assessment cost and an invoice will only be presented to our client if the data recovery was successful.


VoIP solutions

We offer reliable and always-on designer VoIP systems to our clients in an effort to ensure that they always remain available on the phone to their clients and staff.  


CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, MS Office Training, Computer Applied Technologies - Classes, IT Classes

Our passionate FET department takes great pride in their students’ achievements. We offer training to all corporate clients in the MS Office Suite as well as IT students looking at pursuing a career in any one of the many areas of IT.  We also offers CAT classes for High School students and Senior Citizens Training for our senior citizens who want to broaden their horizons.  

Printer Solutions

Small Business Solutions, Medium Business Solutions, Large Business Solutions

We offer both sales and rental options for printers that suit the requirements of our clients. We further ensure that the printers remain serviced and maintained to minimize downtime.