Technical Support

For businesses without IT departments, we provide a fully managed IT support service. This complete service offering, protects your systems with IT support and managed security infrastructure.

Managed IT includes both remote and on-site IT support with critical hardware covered, providing a complete IT support package.

The second part of this package is provided to make your systems secure. We will provide and manage a highly secure firewall, installing the latest software patches and optimise it, to best suit your systems.

Anti-virus software is provided for all of you end-user systems and a mail filtering solution will also be provided and managed, to ensure a secure workspace.

Included in this service:

  • Remote support
  • On-site support
  • Hardware cover
  • Anti-virus & Anti-spam filtering
  • Managed firewall

Remote IT Support

We provide remote support to provide a service for our clients. We aim to assist all our clients, new and old, with all their queries, at the highest level of service possible. Our remote IT support delivers a fast and efficient way of dealing with your IT issues. Our contracts are a cost effective way of covering your IT management,
Remote IT support is a more cost effective way of adding another member to your team. Call upon our support analysts during office hours to resolve your IT issues and where a remote solution isn’t possible, we’ll send out an engineer.

On-Site Support

We offer an onsite support service to our client. We do not just focus on the problem, but the causes. We do not fix the symptoms; we aim to develop a solution. Our on-site support provides peace of mind to those clients with less IT capability on-site. If your issue cannot be fixed remotely, then we will send our computer technicians to your office for further investigation. Our on-site support contracts include remote support.

Small-Medium Business Support

If you’re an entrepreneur and starting up a new business this is the place for you.

We offer discounted rates, service packages and complete IT support for all small to medium businesses.

Because we believe in growing together.


Web Development

If you’re looking for a website you’ve come to the right place.

Wether you want to get your company on the web or want a full eCommerce site we can help.

From hosting your domain to developing your website and all the managing and maintenance in-between, we’ve got you covered.

Networking & Servers

Your data is arguably the most important thing on your computer.

That is why we offer secure server solutions, set up to suit your needs and budget.

We also offer extensive networking solutions, to improve internet connectivity throughout your entire house or business.

Get connected and stay connected with Jadex’s server and network solutions.

Systems Development

Do you wish life was a little easier?

Well, we cant make your entire life easier but we can improve most of it.

With more than 10 years experience our expert systems developer can make fully customised systems to suit your specific needs.

Why struggle on a daily basis when we can struggle for you.


A company is only as strong as the community it operates in.

This is why we have an online learning platform. International qualifications and legitimate content ensures everyone has access to quality education.

Uplifting the community one click at a time.


Graphics Design

Wether its a new logo, a business card design or a flyer we’ve got the solution.

Ensuring we keep you involved throughout the whole process guarantees that you get exactly what you want.

So lets work together to create something we can both be proud of.


Cloud Services                                                  

Never lose another file!

Making cloud backup part of your backup strategy is about keeping your data safe and secure.

Through our partnership with “Acronis”we can offer cloud backup with  compression and military grade encryption in storage and in- transit. “Acronis” cloud storage delivers cyber protection at every turn , with built in AI technology to detect and defeat ransomware.

With cloud backup your data will always be safe and secure and as it is isolated from device failure, malware attacks and natural disasters and is accessible anytime, anywhere that you have an internet connection, therefore downtime is minimized.

“Acronis ” data centers leverage the latest disaster prevention technologies and ensure 24/7 security

Learn more about: Cloud backup vs Cloud Storage

Learn more About:  ACRONIS            

Sales And Repairs

No repairs too big, No questions too small.

We repair and sell all types of laptops and computers, and the BEST PART is it costs you nothing to bring it in and have it assessed.

You only pay if work is done, NO HIDDEN COSTS! 

Shop Front Services:

  • Laptop sales and repairs
  • Desktop sales and repairs
  • Website development and hosting
  • Data security and recovery
  • Business IT support and services

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